Why France doesn’t make refugees dream?

France is a country where administrative procedures are complicated. The level of migrants is particularly low, Singa organization entrusted us with the mission to find a solution to overcome this problem. Our proposal : Design a website that aims to facilitate and humanize the procedural steps and the integration of refugees in their host country.

Client: Singa - Workshop
Date: 2017
Services: UX, UI, Art direction

Visual Identity

Logotype of the Humanest platform.

Persona & User journey

At first, definition of the platform’s future users. In a second step, development of the usage scenario, to know, why users come to the site, what they are looking for and how they are doing to achieve their objectives.

User Persona_Imad Eid
User Persona_Jamal Zeret
User Persona_Raymon Dumas

Interface Design

Homepage Wireframe



Story Page

Story Page (Slider)

Story Page (Useful Links)

Conversations Page

Conversations Page (Categories)

Conversations Page (Filters Categories)

Act Page



Workshop : For Singa with Geoffrey Dorne
Conception UX &UI : Christopher Trang, Pamela Mitry, Anaïs Fabra