Kinder Maxi

Adults’ Playtime

Proposition of digital activation for Kinder Maxi in partnership with Uber for the campaign « L’enfance taille adulte ». The purpose is to deliver an adult-sized playtime to adults during their working hours thanks to a Kinder Truck.

Client: Kinder Maxi
Date: April 2017
Services: Art Direction, Conception, Illustration


1. PR operation

Delivery by Kinder Maxi Truck to medias and digital bloggers + Press Kit distribution
Targets : Digital Influencer Magazines & Instagram Bloggers

2. Interstitial Geo-referenced in Paris

Implementation of an interstitial geo-referenced on the Uber App
one week before the general public operation.

3. Facebook Relay, Kinder & Uber

Release of a cover photography and a Facebook post one week before the event
on the Kinder page to generate visibility for the operation.

4. Recruitment Mobile Banner

5. E-mailing Club Kinder

6. Delivery operation Kinder to general public

Implementation of a mobile banner during the app opening on the day of the op and
possibility to choose a Kinder Maxi Truck delivery.


Agency : BETC
Trafic : Amélie Crinon 
Creative Director : Nicolas Lautier
Creative Team (CW & AD)  : Dahl Chemla & Anaïs Fabra